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Dream Wedding

A luxurious white gown. Admiring glances guests. Sea of flowers. Happiness in the eyes of the bride. Elegant wedding – it's what every girl dreams of! And what she will remember all my life! Wedding – a dream! Tender, touching and Light! Make your dreams – it's art! we owns this art form to the full! You do not need to engage in the preparations and organization of the wedding! The long-awaited wedding day will not be marred by nasty little things, but will full of magic and the true joy! From our artists wedding ceremony will be a luxurious theater of action for the original script specifically for your wedding! An experienced leader meets newly-married couple, competently organizes the wedding feast, drawing attention to all details, such as the removal of hot or solemn appearance of the wedding cake. Gala night, we diversity of shows and original numbers in the performance of the musical group or a dj. Wedding hall will be decorated with flower arrangements and balloons. With STUDIO82 – Your wedding will be a fairy tale!