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United Taxi Service Drivers

The whole evaluation process is accompanied by the voice menu. To select the assessment you need to press the corresponding number from 1 to 5 on phone. These data are recorded in our system, and we taxi for you to distribute as follows: – If you appreciate the work of the driver at 5 ("excellent") – he will be assigned to your orders in the first place, provided that it location in your area. – If you rate a 4 ("good"), this taxi driver will also receive your orders, if it is in your area, and there are no drivers with a rating of "excellent". – If you rate at 3 ("satisfactory") – the driver will fulfill your order only if no other area in your car. – If the service you did not like, and you gave him a 2 ("unsatisfactory"), a taxi driver would never be assigned to your orders.

– And if you assigned him to evaluate 1 ("bad") – this equates to the complaint and the driver will be permanently removed from your order. Thus, the 5-point rating scale enables each client to select candidates for its preference of unlimited database serving his crew (driver / car). Low estimates of our customers are not satisfied with the screen out of their personnel and vehicles, and taxi drivers are classified in this category narrows their customers and to lower the bar of its revenue. Exposing the higher estimates, consumers of services provide a more qualified staff of drivers and modern machines than the desire to encourage the staff Passenger service on the highest standards. Due to the fact that such an evaluation system of taxi drivers is unique and nowhere else in the world does not practice, you and I are pioneers in introducing the necessary in our opinion, an option. Therefore, sincerely ask you to – actively support this initiative, make yourself available facilities and get pleasure from using the services of United Taxi Service!.