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In miuchos cases return to fatten means something as well as let the adventure back, return who were and feel safe.That’s why diets that do not contemplate the inner world fails or break after a while. People now have effective remedies to discover their unproductive ideas, their prejudices, as well as for Discover how much good can be achieved with your wishes and values adequately identified and aligned with their personality characteristics. Often when people are progressing exceeding their own expectations, not does it take to appear some diffuse fears. Many people have responded for years the nickname of fat, chubby and costs them to assume a new identity. Others maintained a certain fixed role together with the figure of el gordo (nice fat, the big one, the powerful, the Fort, the good companion, the relaxed atmosphere in the family, the boy problem, etc) in their environments. With these subtleties, the self-concept of gordo is deeply installed in their consciences and hardly downed by treatments that only restrict the quality of food or take into account their calories. In an overwhelming majority of cases, this idea of themselves, this harmful self-concept is the key that inhibits the development of those behaviors and choices of which later repents. Both nicknames and roles are implanted identity by setting the attitude.

For these people lose weight is not a mission impossible, (lower weight and climb again); What is them impossible, unthinkable is embracing the belief of equality with respect to the others. It’s a difficult mission unless there is a greater flexibility and a significant change in their consciences. When these people start to lose weight begins to reveal a new image of themselves. This image is often intimidating, especially if it does not care with care and dedication, because beliefs that derive from it will really dismantle the concept came while maintaining respect themselves and the transformations that their bodies and organisms may be capable of producing.

Windows Storm

And already then they kidnap me the desire to see your face again. Catch me I remember that I have only see you in old photographs drawn in my soul. Yes, I plead guilty for not having done what I should and finally find you guilty. For not going, for not trying to subtle attempt to kidnap you is it because browsing spaces that I surf, is it by others, so let me see one day I said to myself that it would not write more poems but who can bury what still lives, even more than memories? Could who hide a heart that beats what it says? Now you’re a woman and I I’m getting old I plead guilty beloved daughter I understand, I understand your silence. One day I said to myself do not know them, than ever you leerias them. And longer time, this morning when everyone sleep, when the sleepless flooded the yearnings I plead guilty. The Lord Tablitas-!It has arrived! Serafin Alarcon between storm and storm, between lightning and new lights.

A whirlwind, a torrent of expeditions to the eternal. And there, there is he brave Swordsman ready to leave me. A gift, a Crystal sweet caress, a water jump alive inside me Seraphim bringing good news of the Lord, cherubs carrying the weight of a message, charged words that gradually bring us closer to the creator. And life opens its Windows as do the birds in autumn and spring. A smile, a kiss, be a child again for today finally see him again. Today survive its eternal fire crazy looking; peace, joy and hope crazy in love bathed in the morning sun.

Between storm and storm, tornadoes and winds, butterflies trapped in the scene. Lights, flashes of a good to contemplate history. There dawn Splendors of drum there voices sound trumpets that announce their arrival.