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Knights Felix Ramiro

Fashion company for Knights Felix Ramiro, after a career of 20 years which has become main reference in the design of bridal clothes in our country, has announced its intention to begin expanding its presence throughout the Spanish geography, through franchising. In this way the Ensign begins a search for entrepreneurs and investors, who are passionate about the world of men’s fashion, both with interest in self as in bet on a brand philosophy directed to exclusive design and quality, but affordable, covering the needs of each of their clients, and also feel proud to show off a design made in Spain press. In the words of Miguel Angel Ramiro, general director of the company, we are very excited with this new project. Men’s fashion lacks options and we are proposing just the opposite: designs that adapt to every moment and all the needs of the man of today, providing elegance and distinction, always loaded from style and excellent dressmaking. Treatment of depression takes a slightly different approach. We believe that we have a unique design and an unbeatable value for money, why not offer the opportunity of exploiting people restless and passionate fashion?. In this sense, Felix Ramiro stresses within the world of business options in franchise as the first concept of integral menswear, ranging from casual wear to bridal costumes, passing by all kinds of fashion accessories and underwear, as well as tailoring service. This offer represents a stable business throughout the year, which is renewed with seasonal designs, and which has numerous passes of fashion that produces the signature, in addition to the selection of Mister Spain events in one of their claims.

Felix Ramiro expansion plans passed by inaugurating the first franchise in the remainder of the year, and open others three or four in 2012. Preference zones are Madrid, especially in the capital and the South, and populations of at least 50,000 inhabitants in Castile – La Mancha, Andalusia and Catalonia, both with the model shop corner option. Something that is feasible, even despite the current economic crisis, with a potential market which only weddings exceeds the figure of 190,000 a year, and the backing of a firm dedicated to achieving the full satisfaction of its customers. Information corporate Felix Ramiro is very well positioned for more than two decades in the sector of fashion and masculine design, achieving leading market of tailoring and bridal fashion in their areas of influence stores are different spaces of fashion where they have a common denominator: the style and elegance. Bright but warm spaces, an exhibition of product clear and defined, a rational space usage to prioritize the operational and, above all, a cost of implementation adjusted are essential characteristics. They currently have 4 own units from which have been unable to verify the feasibility of the model. Investment to be a franchisee is 115,000 euros, with a barrel of entry of 9,000 euros and a canon of advertising of 3% on premises of about 80 square meters in plant Street and with populations with a minimum of 50,000 inhabitants.