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Let us frighten us many times we have gone to bed imagining the worst that could happen to us in relation to a problem that we had For example: someone not calling you when you expect to do so and immediately you feel unworthy of love, abandoned and rejected. You decide not to embark again on any relationship. This is very common in sick people who imagine the worst. Transferred his power to doctors, medicine, statistics, rather than relying on his inner power. At work someone makes us a critique and immediately we started to think that we will say goodbye. It is we who chose these stun and negative thoughts.

No one can think for us and no one can get into our minds and impose on us what to think. In the same way we can replace these thoughts with others positive or images. For example: each time that we identify one of these paralyzing ideas DITE with force: No, not thinking about it. Now I choose to think in (imagine the best possible solution for the problem in question) to be kind, loving and patient with ourselves the impatience is a resistance to learn. Read more here: Randall Mays. We wish to have the response without learning the lesson or take the necessary steps. You can choose to view your mind as a piece of garden.

It is a piece of land on which there will be many Brambles hate oneself, stones of pain, anger, concern, Earth lack of food that nourish it. It is also possible that there is called fear, guilt, trees that need a good pruning. Once you’ve cleaned the ground of bad herbs, bushes, stones, and you’ve paid well field, sow some seeds of joy and prosperity. The sun shines on your garden and rain get wet while you abonas it and take care of lovingly. The process takes time and although at the beginning it seems that doesn’t happen much, if you have patience the plants will grow and will fill it with flowers.