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The Explanation

She was almost clearly that had abandoned It. It would delay some time until understanding this. But meanwhile, she was to the cantos, lost in its thoughts, if she blamed, if it punished, it thought to have done something or to have left to make, thought where it would be, with who it would be and what front would be from there pra. Digital cameras may also support this cause. But always with faith of that It would return. It did not make nothing right. Its life was contaminated with the hopelessness, was without North.

In the street it walked at random, thinking to have lost the direction if its life, did not have more soil, did not have more reason; it crossed of a side for another one of the street and twisted so that it ran over it to an car and at last it finished with that, with pain, with the suffering with the meaningless one. It was in an incessant search of explanations and causes. as who search finds, It, during its I pan in the virtual profiles that It kept, found waited cause, the explanation for as much suffering so and pain. It had come back toward its formerones, with who was together has years. They had if known when still they were adolescent, one was the first love of the other, they had changed its first experiences. But they fought very and comes back and half separaozinha had one, and they were not nothing uncommon to have relacionamentozinhos contingenciais, pra to only pass the time, while they did not understand themselves and came back. It had a series of photos of ' ' casalzinho feliz' ' some declarations of the type ' ' love eterno' ' , ' ' always juntos' ' , ' ' optimum of the fight he is reconciliao' ' Here it is that one another indefinite proname in our history appears, Somebody, that finished with all the hopes that It had.