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GM Daewoo Auto

Sergei Yastryebtsev "Daewoo Nexia" Score and the Russian motorist. At first a little history about the origin of the car. To know more about this subject visit Sonny Perdue. The South Korean company 'Daewoo' (Daewoo Motor Co., Ltd.) Was educated in the city of Seoul 1983godu by merger "Shinjin" and "General Motors". 1993goda Before, the company has worked closely with Daewoo Motors in Dzheniral 1995godu entered the markets of Germany and with models of Daewoo Espero. Daewoo Nexia is a prototype of a well-known and well proven syabya Opel Kadett E, which was produced under license in Korea in 1986 under the brand Daewoo Racer. In 1996, Daewoo has built three major technical centers: in Worthing (UK), Munich (Germany) and Pulyane (Korea). The main technical project manager of the company is Ulrich Bez (in past senior manager of BMW).

South Korean '(Daewoo Motor Co., Ltd.). 2002godu moved to the jurisdiction of the General Motors, and now officially called GM Daewoo Auto & . Currently, brand Daewoo, Russian car owners know, thanks to cars produced at a factory in Uzbekistan "Uz Daewoo", which is an independent automotive kompaniey.V 2008godu plant began producing restalingovuyu Daewoo Nexia, By enabling it, including a more powerful engine and a working F16MF 1.6 liter, power 108l.s.Mashina great shows on Russian roads. In the Russian market Daewoo Nexia car is the cheapest among the cars, odnoklassnikov.Eto inexpensive, spacious with a large trunk machine, and also very nadezhnaya.Tsena to $ 10,000. Experts have compared the different characteristics of several popular cars in Russia, among them a Daewoo Nexia.