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MIT Hosting

A few years ago, most personal web sites and even small businesses were hosted on free web sites. The reason was especially high prices for domains and web hosting plans.At that time, resort to a web hosting free was more than justified, even were many MIT companies that did it. Today, together with the considerable increase in the deployment of the Internet at all levels, and the emergence of numerous Internet services companies, has come to a regularisation (decrease) very important in the prices for domain registration and web hosting, becoming in a few services within the reach of everyone. If the web site is going to be important should not hesitate a moment, you should hire a web hosting of payment, you will have many more features, more security, will give an image much more serious and reliable (without advertising, with your own domain with your own email accounts.) If you are also registering a domain, don’t look for web hosting free, if someday you decide to hire a web hosting payment, by experience, move the domain becomes an Odyssey..