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The Interviewer

Re-read your CV before the interview as part of final preparation. The probability is high that the interviewer has done just before he or she sees you, so the cooler is in your mind the best. Don’ts: 1. Never give reasons for leaving a job. In almost all cases, the reader can find negative connotations, even the best reasons.

It is better to explain in person, if they see fit, and of course, if asked. 2. If the topic comes up, never use negative language about his former employer, and not insisting on his ambition and desire to move to a more challenging environment. 3. If you think it should be mentioned, for example to “humanize” your resume, then do not take more than two or three lines to list hobbies, sports and social activities.

In case of doubt “to leave out.” As a professional resume writer, it would be rarely included at all. I can not include any other personal information such as occupation of their spouse or philosophy of life – can easily provide a reason for not seeing the exact opposite of his intention! 4. No need to reference state “Available upon request. It is assumed, so that only clutters the CV and use the space that could be used better. 5. For the same reason, never the list of references on the CV. 6. Do not give exact dates. Months and years are sufficient (ie May 1998 to December 2002 – Always use four digits for the year, give it in full).