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Low Self-esteem And Emotional Dependency

A person with low self esteem in some cases dependent emotionally another, because it is unable to make his own decisions, don’t know their needs, difficult is you say no and can not be alone and other. Follow leyendo and learn about emotional dependence, which are the main characteristics of emotional dependence. You mention here some of the features of people emotionally dependent keep in mind to know whether you are or not dependent emotional and how it influences the low self-esteem, here you detail some: 1. you must always be in couple, so these are people not treating you well or respect you. You lose life itself by focusing solely to your partner. Add to your understanding with Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Being unable to be alone since it is likely that childhood has lacked love, you’ve been mistreated or abused and this has not allowed you improve self-esteem. 2 Antepones the feelings of others suede than yours by the fact to please the person that which you depend, not contradict you, don’t you think, you don’t file, you always do what you ask for because you think that this will give you more value and you won’t lose the love of your partner or others.

3 Fear of being abandoned, believing that nobody else you may want to, take the abandonment as failure or something terrible.You have excessive need for approval and if you don’t receive it see it as something negative, let be yourself please the other person, regardless of how you feel just by the fact that you want most and this contributes in that you can not improve self-esteem. 4. You have excessive need for approval and if you not receive it see it as something negative, you stop being yourself please the other person, regardless of how you feel just by the fact that you want more. Hear other arguments on the topic with igor kononenko. 5 You are prey to low self esteem since to you do not respect, you do not love yourself, why are looking for destructive relationships and not explain because they touch couples as well. These are some of the features if you’re emotionally dependent person, if you have felt identified with any of these characteristics put attention and have possible to remedy this because if you are not going to reach a point where you lose your identity and you become a puppet of your partner and that isn’t fair to you or to anyone, remember that sometime dependent people suffocate, by so many jealousy, insecurity, lack of self esteem and low self esteem. First and most important is that you’ve recognized that you have emotional dependency and you want to take the reins of your life to stop emotionally dependent on others, claim and recover your identity is not late, you can.