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The cheapest prepaid cards are offered in July 2012 in the German mobile market many prepaid cards and tariffs. To get an overview, prepaid-Mobil.de offers a comparison of the current prepaid cards on the German market since 2007. Under a prepaid card or credit card, refers to a mobile phone SIM card that is loaded on demand with a particular wallet, the desired services of the provider can be used with the. Here the given cost control, as well as the Elimination of basic fee and minimum sales contract are beneficial. Prepaid-Mobil.de, regardless of the current comparison lists on the Web page, the lowest prepaid rates compared to according to different criteria and published every month. Talks by the or find no account abroad. In July 2012, one finds the cheapest prepaid tariffs as follows: for calls to German landlines only is we group mobile, an offer of the WAZ, with 3 cents per minute remains the cheapest Tariff. The prepaid card costs once 7.95 and contains 5 credits.

The offer is based on the eplus infrastructure. For phone calls in all German networks, the rates of n-tv are go!, connex, hellomobil and winSIM for 6 cents per conversation minute preferred. To get the SIM card at n-tv go! and connex for one-time 9.99. Hellomobil the SIM card costs 9.95 and winSIM once offered the card for one-time 14.95. All four SIM cards include a starting credit of 5. n-tv go! and connex are based on the infrastructure of eplus.

hellomobil and winSIM use the o2 network. On the phone you rarely and will be accessible only for the emergency, then, a cheap prepaid SIM card is sufficient, because the minute price then does not play the main role. Currently get free four SIM cards: the o2 ticket, the SIM card from netzclub, the xtra card free CallYa talk and SMS ticket.