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The unfolded, will be cooler than normal conditions. Belts, shoes, or metal objects should not be used. Avoid if possible coverages. Use natural textiles as flax, cotton, wool and relaxing colors such as white, blue or violet. Eat a light meal and take a bath of warm water before ghosting. Exercise: in an armchair or sofa, comfortable, you can use your bed also, recuestese and breathe deeply several times, so relaxed but deep, releasing tensions increasingly exhale, placing both hands on his chest in the area of his heart, make a prayer asking for his personal angel is revealed to you, let know you need him, that he has something to talk about with thethen with eyes closed is to concentrate on your body, you will enter inside your head, through his eyes, and going to visualize and try to feel the warmth of his brain, soft, but where you is a small ball of light, that this moving inside your own body, you look through their eyes, being, then lower until your throat, feel the softness of the muscles, make small stops increasing the light that surrounds you, then lower toward your heart, this entire exercise is visualizandose inside your arteries, muscles and other, when this within your heart feel its warmth, its texture soft their sounds, their heartbeats, and there you will find a space much more luminous than that you radiate, within this light there is a room where you this hoping someone from the Kingdom angelico, between, through that light and go accommodating his vision before the new light, little by little your environment to take another sensenotice a figure, go to that figure and start enjoy the beauty of this area, in the midst of all vera to speak with his angel, and ask what more you worry you, the always you respond, please be patient until you adjust to this experience, hold that vision time which deemed necessary after despidase and express your love to your angel, and gradually go regrezando in the same way that low to her heart through arteries and other, until pocisionarse in his head again. Omega 3 is often quoted on this topic.

And return to your body with joy and filled with healing energy, this exercise can be done also inviting your angel so that specific trip with you to a site where you have some disease, or physical discomfort, traveling there to that inner place and irradiate with its light and with his angel, that space affected in your body, make a healing love, ask to your angele that he put together his love with yours and work together to heal that area of your body, then you increase the light to which the subtract body receive improvement also. I hope that practiqueis this healing, and meditation for you and your family or friends, with faith and devotion.. . For assistance, try visiting Jerry Dias.