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Some machines have a half load function, such as washing dishes at the top of the basket. Programs washing machines can have up to 10-12 washing program, but typically only used 2-3:-intensive – for heavily soiled dishes;-normal – for medium soiled dishes;-fast, express, etc. (Depending on how the manufacturer calls it) – for the poorly soiled dishes. For convenience, it is important that the car was a program of pre-wash. The drying process in different machines (models) may significantly differ. Power Consumption may be very important if you live in an old house with worn-out electrical wiring. In this case it is better to choose a machine with a capacity of up to 2,5 kW (current of up to 10 A), but we recommend in this case, connect the dishwasher to a separate electrical cable from the electrical panel with circuit breaker and ground (neutral).

Rinser Rinser contributes to more efficient drying, the appearance of luster, transparency glassware. No rinse dishes, especially the glass, dim. Capacity to rinse virtually all machines located on the inside of the door. While maintaining the factory setting flow rinse, it is required about 3 ml per wash. If you wash dishes six days a week, the expense for the year will be slightly less than 1 liter. Detergent Detergents are sold, usually in powder form, at least in the form of large pellets (compacted powder). Typically, when washed about 12 sets of dishes required 30 grams of powder. If you wash dishes six days a week, the expense for the year will be about 9,5 kg.