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Two Seeds

For many, many years there was once two seeds who were together on the floor of a farm, when they began to talk to be alone on the road. The first seed said, I want to grow in the future I want to sink my roots deep in the soil that sustains and nourishes me to make my shoots push and break the layer of soil that covers me. I want to unfurl my tender buds like banners to announce the arrival of spring. I feel the warmth of the sun on my face and the blessing of the morning dew on my petals And so it grew when it was planted by the farmer, strong, healthy, flexible and grateful.

The second seed instead said: I have a fear. It is not something fish oil supplement would like to discuss. If I send my roots to sink into the ground do not know what I can stumble in the dark and how to find me. If I make my way through the hard ground I can damage my delicate sprouts. If I let my buds open, maybe a snail tries to eat them. If my flowers open maybe some kid ripped me soil and never be able to show my beauty. and No is much better to wait until a much safer now, perhaps it will be easier next year to show my glory?, and then sank into the ground so the farmer could not find it. And waited many days, until suddenly one day last spring came to the valley. At that walking a chicken farm in the ground dug for food when he found the seed to wait until next year, without loss of time and ate it.

In the background he could see the outbreak of a small plant that next spring would bear fruit and flowers, the gardener had seen to protect from the elements and animals so that their growth was the ideal. To refuse to take risks, grow, and accept the changes inherent in life do not support life. When you really want something, the only way to do so is to put your hand to get it.