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DAV Summit Club Success

Certified mountain leader Luis Stitzinger with six participants at the Summit a nine-person expedition of the DAV Summit Club was successful on Dhaulagiri (Himalayan/Nepal): with seven of nine participants – including three women – on Monday, may 18, 2009, against 16:15, expedition leader Luis Stitzinger reached the Summit of 8167 m high “White Mountain”. After 14 hours walking time, Alexandra Robl, Helga Soll, Alix of Melle, Jurgen Greher, Rupert Hauer, Bernd Muller and Luis Stitzinger stood on the seventh highest mountain in the world. Two participants and two climbing Sherpa had to cancel the Summit gear due to exhaustion or freezing. Meanwhile, the group returned wohlbehehalten to the base camp and prepared to return home. The DAV Summit Club congratulates! The Summit Group was dissolved on 11 April and had five weeks time for arrival, acclimatization and establishment of three high camps. The rise was at best weather on the Northeast Ridge route. In his Internet diary, Luis Stitzinger writes: the fact that the Ridge up to the Stock consistently with fixed ropes is insured, it resulted that the descent into darkness can be performed safely”.