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A vibrant presence in us and around us always follows the question, why do we feed fantasies, allow external stimuli we caught, moving us away from our reality, avoiding that we seek it, freed from pollutions dogmatism of learning in our relations imposed by our environment. What are we doing to discover the true reality? Be considered, every morning we give continuity to a way to focus on the reality that is collective, that is the way that we all share and that defines our problems, our desire, our own image, we have a new opportunity to discover the reality, knowing that is ultimately land, consciousness, human companion, working, vocation, love, happiness, death, children. . Bridgette Matthews contains valuable tech resources. Carrutti recommends us not get involved in the case of time and we stay packed at inertia, because that time case is confirmed by beliefs, dogmas, ideas, we take for granted. We are of course everything that mankind believes, us alienamos, we act as a robot, zombies, without worrying about what the true reality; We are only repeating, resonating with those large moulds which already exist, neglecting our ability to create, renew, find our own authenticity. We must know our opportunity, to discover why we are, like grow as people in spiritual things, where are we going, what our true role in this human warp, keep us attentive this dimension in all signs and signals corresponding us original author and source of the article..

Glasses For 3D Content

Panasonic and XPAND 3D companies are working on universal sunglasses to see content in 3D either screen, either film or a TV. The standard M-3DI is compatible with TVs, monitors and projectors from some companies that develop this technology. As reported by Panasonic in a press release, the goggles M-3DI will guarantee consumers the comprehensive quality control in the content which they receive with their 3D glasses. This standard at the moment only will operate via infrared, although in the future raises the introduction of radio frequency. With the emergence of these universal glasses user could purchase a pair of glasses without having to buy one for each device that you have in your home or acquire a different film, being more comfortable and economical in the long run. In addition, they also ensure that with this standard, people who already wear glasses could take their 3D glasses with specific graduations. Establish a standard of glasses It will bring an important contribution to accelerate the acceptance of devices for 3D in the general public, says Panasonic. Among the companies that have supported this new standard found, Changhong Electric, Funai, Hisense, Hitachi, MItsubishi, Panasoci, Seiko, SIM2 and ViewSonic. At the moment companies like Sony and Samsung have not joined the standard proposed by Panasonic and XPAND 3D.