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Plateau Rosa

The choice is quite limited, although you can still find some dynamic and steep slopes. Source: Craig Jelinek. One of them – Bardoney (Bardon). It is interesting, although somewhat short. Still, the main pleasure for professionals – is riding on Swiss territory. Overcoming nearly flat Plateau Rosa (Plateau Rosa), you can reach some very interesting black slopes in Zermatt.

There is also a virgin and a few good runs. In general, the slopes on the Swiss side of the Matterhorn more sports (the slope and quality of snow – it is tougher because of northern exposure slopes), but to get to them you need to spend a lot of time. Therefore, the constant skating is hardly possible. For mid-level skiers Cervinia – this is what you need. There are many long, gentle slopes. They – suitable place for skiers who prefer to drink a glass of mulled wine and slowly roll down the hill, squinting in the sun. We recommend that a central part of the resort and the area Laghi Cime Bianche (Laghi-Chime-Bianchi).

Places of well down the road Bontadini (Bontadini) from the Plateau Rosa (Plateau Rosa). This track is very interesting and allows you to save enough speed throughout the descent. Note Ventina Ghiacciaio (Ventina-Gyachchiayo), going left from the Plateau Rosa. This is – one of the fastest tracks on the resort and, besides, it has the optimal ratio of time spent on the ascent / descent. From the whole of this route is extremely interesting for the most important difference – amazing, very wide slope with excellent snow. It was his most just bring in photographs trails Cervinia. The final segment, leading to the city, very dynamic and it is indeed a “red”. Also, you should try their hand at the Gran Pista (Gran Pista) – long (15 km) and the stunningly beautiful descent into Valley Valtournenche (Valtornensh). This slope for skiers who prefer to get on top, and then go down “with the breeze.” Unforgettable fun! For beginners in Cervinia is also plenty of trails. Feature of the resort that blue trails are actually on all slopes, which allows travel around the whole resort, and not go down all week with the same slope. Especially recommend the District Plan Maison (Plan Maison). Almost all trails on the plateau – blue. Snow on these routes is very soft. In addition, it employs the new high-speed chair lifts. Good track Rocci-Nera 1 (Rocce Nere 1), Plan-Torretta (Plan Torrette) and Fornet-2 (Fornet 2). Left and bottom of the zone is also riding a lot of easy trails. Sport evening entertainment at the resort are working bars. The restaurant serves national and European cuisine, including excellent spaghetti and pizza. We advise ordering meat dishes and homemade red wine. In numerous shops selling local delicacies: jam, jam, mushroom sauce and cheese. In the souvenir shops you can buy products of local craftsmen – wooden toys and copper utensils. Opened a disco.