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Today, many people are interested in (ask queries on the Internet), as they are made or other things, what we eat. I would like to tell you. as it made the spring. And so we go. For the production of springs are used spring steel. When accepting the check on the spring hardness and elasticity.

The method of testing should, if possible, close to the actual conditions of the springs (tension, compression or flexure). Springs, made of heat-treated wire, pass additional leave at 250-320 for the removal of internal stresses arising during their manufacture, and to improve the elastic properties of the wire. Spring Holidays best done in Saltpeter or alkaline baths in the range 5-10 min., depending on the section of the material. If you leave the oil or electric furnaces, special attention should be paid to the uniformity of heating. Time Holiday in these furnaces 20-40 minutes.

The springs are made of annealed steel subjected to quenching and tempering. In the case of manufacture of springs from wire diameter of more than b mm before quenching produce high rental at 670 – 7200 for eliminate work-hardening, which was the result of cold-winding. Spring wound on a hot, before quenching are normalizing. To heat the hardening spring is placed in a chamber furnace sludge salt bath heated to the desired temperature. To prevent the large springs are heated in a special apparatus. Small spring loaded into the furnace at Protvino. Exposure in the oven should be the least – to prevent oxidation and decarburization. To reduce the residence time in oven small springs are placed on a preheated protven. In the absence of a protective atmosphere in the oven spring is packed in an insulating medium, or throw in the oven small amounts of charcoal. Cool the spring in oil. Cool spring water to avoid cracking is not recommended. In the position of having to water quenching exposure should not exceed 1 W sec, followed by cooling in oil. Before you leave a spring clean of oil in the washing soda solution or a thorough rubbing of sawdust. Not remote from the oil tempering spring breaks and changes the conditions of release, which leads to uneven heating and low hardness. Tempering temperature Z00-420 degrees. Annealing is the end turns in the lead bath or on a pencil sharpener at their gas station. Large springs to put on leave for tube removal warping. Attention is drawn to the surface of the material, going for the manufacture of springs. Risks check crack and other defects lead to the formation of cracks, and carbon-free layer – to reduce the elastic properties of springs. In mainly springs separated into 3 types: compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs. Are you interested in who makes the spring? One that I know of firms in manufacturing springs is spring PE. Their website can be found on this link. I hope this information was interesting and informative for you!