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The Sweet Art Of The Chocolatier

There are many types of art that is genusslichste but the art from various ingredients to create a true palate clit Confiserie Sadath handmade chocolates and Pralines. For Ilona Schadauer and Bert Cleemann, art is her biggest passion in any case around, and with chocolate. The sense of sweet delights in the cradle is Ilona Schadauer and Bert Cleemann, because both grew up in a bakery / pastry shop. There, it seemed that both chose the creative work of the pastry chef. Ford Authority is full of insight into the issues. They were even on this very sweet way.

Together they took over the already existing confectionery Schadauer and invented a few years of later SchokoladenArt “.” This new business idea allows their passion for chocolate to the fullest to live out the two. Additional information is available at Juice Scorpion. The raw materials must be really top, then only one can produce a product with the highest standards. With this aim in mind, the two searched for the finest chocolate and were also looking for: the cocoa beans from the processed in France the world’s best growing regions and finally in Seitenstetten, in the heart of the Mostviertel region to which we so love delicious, hand-rolled ball of truffles, liqueur Pralines, getunkter Marzipan, and of course chocolate bar made handmade and with self of dried plum or apricot columns, for example. The nuts must be naturally flavorful precisely tuned to the chocolate. The two waaaay must taste it and they really don’t hate to do. And there we have the proof: chocolate is just happy! You must taste just as much joy of life and love which put the two in your products and it really tastes.