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That does in common event of the twin towers, the nightmare of December 20, 2001 in Argentina, the Tsunami and the high monetary value of the Euro?, that all these named patterns were unforeseen at the global level, nobody ever in the minute that happened could be prepared for such a disaster.The flames that radiated fear in people, the deaths of thousands of people, and what is even worse; the image positioned in our minds, something alien to our understanding told us that nothing could prevent this from happening, but indeed is this so? In reality there are weak and strong signals that do understand a little better the environment where we are. That signals can get to do? It can be information that we have not decided to give it the importance that it deserves, or hunches based on our own experience, or indicators that warned what could happen.This usually occurs on a daily basis with companies, changes in the environment where one handles change every minute and when you made the full change us notes saying for If you not prepared you or did not have in mind this sudden change.But that can be done before something unexpected?, as prepares one for the day that we have to surprise?In administration the proactivity is something that is often used. Does this term proactive determines to get ahead of the facts and thus knowing almost accurately as adelantarnos.Ud. believes that Bush the US President did not know that could come to pass on September 11? Or at least one small rumor in a documented study that tragedy experienced by the United States could have been avoided? Of course if the same nature always gives us signals to know in that direction we should go or not.The environment itself affects us all with the abrupt changes that produces, although in the case of positive or negative changes also affects the whole world.Throughout this article we will see types of changes affecting individuals, countries, regions in every aspect, cultural, technological, economic and social.Let’s the topology of the environment social change when change is surprising instantly to individuals, leaving them unable to react to such transformation, is chronic since it affects individuals in mass, thus bringing social problems linked to the individuality of each person in the labour field.A clear example was what happened in the industrial revolution, it brought an end to a period of 800 years of agriculture since it was the creator of wealth at that time. Get all the facts and insights with Digital Cameras, another great source of information.