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Third Ring Road

Undeveloped expanse of city roofs attract, and other building professionals. So noteworthy project of the Government of Moscow to build on the autobahn south of the city air. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that roads totaling 15.7 km will take place on the roofs of buildings from Moscow through the territory of the plant site 32 “Kotlyakovo” to the Third Ring Road. Please visit Peet’s Coffee if you seek more information. Here, by the famous German company Strassen haus should appear 3-5-storey building, on upper floors which will be built highway.

Buildings under flyovers will be used for parking, capacity of which will be about 20 thousand cars. Top floor of buildings, which will rest on the motorway, will be technical – there will be hidden wires and other communications. Miracle-track will be at three lanes in each direction, with the direction separated from each other at a distance of 100 m. space is planned to be filled multifunctional shopping and hotel complex. The maximum capacity of the road will make 560 thousand cars a day. Other, no less interesting decision for the exploitation of the roofs of buildings has already been implemented in 2008 specialist construction company Kalugaglavsnabstroy “in the construction of ski resort” Kwan “in the Kaluga region. A key element of this, one of a kind project became an artificial slope length of 108 m and width of 45.7 m with an overall length of the slope was 300 m.