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Chief Executive Officer John Shearer Powercast

Technology Powercast. Air as a means of power transmission technology, which can permanently save users from having to connect the device to charge to the electricity network is Powercast. At this time the technology interests of more than 100 different companies (even a giant like Philips is interested), constantly interacting with each other. Their common goal – to create the world’s first device that would power through the air. You may find WhiteWave Foods to be a useful source of information. The cost of technology is expected to be low, which will allow even small companies to develop products that work with it. The principle is the following: “The transmitter is connected to the power grid and attached to the wall, and the receiver the size of a 10-cent coin embedded in a low-voltage device. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from WhiteWave Foods. Radio waves are sent from the transmitter, reflect off objects and walls and caught the receiver, which then converts them into electricity DC charging, so the device. ” Just a few years ago, the existence of such a technology could not believe it, but company representatives say the technology is Powercast and, most surprisingly, it works.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer John Shearer Powercast (John Shearer) believe that the end of 2008 shipments of devices with the new technology will be measured in millions of pieces. The idea of energy transfer by air is not new. Researchers from different fields have long interested her, including for military purposes. In Powercast has the potential, otherwise it would not have been approved by the (FCC) and U.S. $ 10 million to begin development of the private investors. It is hoped that the development will be successfully completed within the next few years to go on sale mobile devices (phones, MP3-players, temperature sensors, medical implants, etc.) that will not require wires to charge. We live in a wireless era, is not it?

Milkus Phone

Very soon, come out of its shelf life will be a mobile phone decompose in the literal sense of the word. Certainly not in the hands of a master, and under certain conditions. Clean environment – a matter of time, but what do you do with saying, “The handset is dangerous to humans?” Referring to all the same instructions at conversation should be used as often as possible speakerphone or Hands Free. Well, and if such a possibility does not give your cell phone, you should not carry on a conversation for more than three minutes. Alexander Milkus: “We were already frightened – first television (Nervous system become worthless), then the computer (from the radiation can be bald), survived! Now we are told the trouble of mobile phones. But to understand how ignorant person, what research is objective, and which are held in order to compromise a market competitor? It is clear that any effect on the body has a cell phone. But iron is dangerous – and it comes from the radiation.

What to do? Simply observe the artless safety. And while continue to put pressure on handset manufacturers – even improve their products! In the early 90’s scolded manufacturers of computer monitors. Those come from the screens and improved. Current monitors several times safer relatives of a decade ago. Now the whole world take up the publishers of mobile phones ….

Unfortunately, we are so accustomed to using mobile phone that does not even make ourselves look at the recommendations that gives us the manufacturer. But the only thing we have to do is just a fad implementation, written in the brochure that can be embedded in a box with a cell phone. And then … “… a couple of months, when ownership a “tube” for the hero has become commonplace, it still brings joy to their perfect look … and the thought that at any hour of need you can rely on “mobile friend”, cause to smile