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IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DISCOVER THE CREATOR? For a disclosure of this force in our life as benevolent, man must pass four stages of development in which learns to assess your spiritual advancement based on two criteria: the ability to see that the creator is the only force in existence and the measure that can be experienced it as good. In each of the four stages that we go through in our spiritual path, opens us a layer deeper and inner reality. In the first two stages – stages of concealment – the creator is hidden. In the two subsequent stages – stages of revelation – the creator is already revealed to man. The transition from concealment to revelation is what is called the entry into the spiritual world. FIRST stage of development a person who still does not feel the need to relate to the creator, is in a State of indifference in this regard.

He lives in total detachment from him but without awareness of its State. When awakens in man the desire to know why and for what lives, begins to move closer to the wisdom of Kabbalah and learn, by his intermediate, how progress towards the answer about the meaning of life. This is how we are entering the first stage of spiritual development called double occultation. THE barrier at this stage, we experience two forms of concealment affecting our reality in the following manner: 1. the creator does not exist, everything that happens to us is pure chance, nature or a blind destination product; 2. the creator, if it exists, is not a benevolent force.

If we move forward towards the discovery of the creator, we come to the second stage of development called singular concealment. Internal development we passed through the study of the Kabbalah reveals things that we hadn’t seen before. Finding us going out, gradually, that everything that happens comes from the creator.