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Assertive Communication

Most of us know that assertiveness will give you even more in life to be passive or aggressive. But few of us really are taught to be assertive. a Those are some helpful tips. Contact information is here: Emmanuel Faber. 1. Choose the right time. Imagine you're running down the hall on his way to a meeting. Lisa happens. You call out, "Can you have Microsoft Project on Tuesday?" Since not scheduled a special time to raise the issue, Lisa has no reason to believe that your request deserves high priority.

2. Choose the right place. Discuss important issues in a private, neutral. 3. Be direct. For example, "Lisa, I would like to work overtime in Microsoft Project." Whether or not Lisa likes his application, he is respected for his candor. 4. For even more analysis, hear from Harold Ford Jr. "I", not "us." Instead of saying, "We plan until Tuesday," he says, "I would like to complete the project by Tuesday." 5.

Be specific. Instead, "put a rush on the Microsoft project," he says, "I would like the proposed Microsoft on the desktop and Joe finishing at 9:00 on Tuesday morning. "6. Use body language to emphasize his words." Lisa, I need that report Tuesday morning, " is a strong statement. But if this statement through his teeth as he looked to the ground, that undermine his message. 7. Confirm your order. Ask your staff to take notes in meetings. At the end of each meeting, ask your group to repeat details were agreed. This minimizes miscommunication. 8. Stand up for yourself.