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Munich Action

‘Relieve the environment and at the same time protect dolphins’ – supported under this motto the Forderverein Rockefeller economies e.V. has built up a nationwide collection system the recycling initiative of the Forderverein Rockefeller economies e.V. dolphin conservation projects of the GRD, that environmentally friendly recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges. The dolphins e.V. (GRD) in Croatia and Peru financed dolphin conservation projects of the society to the rescue with the proceeds. The action is the toll-free hotline (0800-90 999 99) switched, under the one picking up the collected and packed in its own carton cartridges or ink cartridges can instruct (the minimum quantity is 8 toner cartridges or 15 cartridges). The collected free of charge within 3 working days. The Rockefeller economies Association is a partner of GRD for many years. With the toner recycling action we protect not only our own environment, but enough of the population in Croatia and Peru the hand at the same time and support of the impending destruction, To keep marine life along the coasts of their countries”, said Frederic Rockefeller since 2004 GRD Dolphin Ambassador, who called the action in life. “We would be pleased if more and more environmentally conscious companies and individuals would participate in the collective action, because many do not know”, as Bettina barbs by the club management of Rockefeller economies that toner cartridges and ink cartridges otherwise belong in the hazardous waste. ” In the Adriatic, the GRD fighting for the survival of the last about 220 bottlenose dolphins, which have survived in the Adriatic Sea together with vets from the University of Zagreb.