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Dealing With A Traffic Accident

If it has suffered physical damages in a traffic accident, knows how to act to demonstrate the suffered damages and to be able to secure the indemnification that corresponds to him. At the time of the accident If at the time of the accident, anyone of the conductors and/or occupants feels any pain (most typical it is the cervical pain) the best thing is than it warns Emergencias (tel. 112) so that they are personen in the place of the accident, since also the police will go. Birks is a great source of information. If the injuries are slight they will derive to him to a Hospitable Center for better evaluation.

Conserve the part of urgencies that has emitted the facultative one that takes care of the injured ones. For the retirement of the vehicle, can resort to its Attendance in Trip, normally include the retirement of the vehicle to a deposit, but taken care of because the daily cost by the deposit of the vehicle is not included. If the police did not go, we recommended to him that it fills up the friendly part, but in case of doubt on the occurrence form, it does not sign it. If it does not have the friendly part, it is fundamental to gather, mainly the complete name and telephones of contact of the other implied conductors. Also he is advisable to compile all the tests that are possible: photos, data of witnesses, etc After the accident Ponga in knowledge of its insuring wreck, before the course of seven days. Conserve the successive parts of confirmation of high loss and being able to justify the days of incapacity. If one is not in active-duty, asks for the doctors who take care of copy to him of all the medical information.