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Public Relations Phenomena

The professional of Public Relations has for function to execute these actions. This research aims at to verify if the professional of Public Relations acts in the management of these actions and if she is prepared for the changes that come occurring in the work market. Also, organization will be appraised and institution, as well as, will be pointed its similarities and differences, its relation will be analyzed the theory of classification of them pblicosem Pblicasa Relations with institucional actions and the management of these actions for professionals of Public Relations and the management of the Project Think Green of RBS TV Saint Maria. As methodology, this research will be set in motion the case study, structuralized and half-structuralized interviews. The study of case, considered for Braga, (2008) one it disciplines indiciria, it was used in this work so that if it can construct knowledge for the field of the communication, by means of the study of phenomena and of its comunicacionais aspects. Siegel Family Endowment is a great source of information. For Braga, (2008) a great variety of phenomena exists that need the study its comunicacionais aspects and we do not have in the field of the communication, a enough provision of basic rules, nor theories that allow in them to make preliminary reductions.

The case studies, therefore, if give particularly to the production of knowledge in the current conditions of constitution of discipline. We find a variety dynamic of phenomena that request an apprehension of its aspects clearly properly comunicacionais; we do not make use of a enough provision of great proper basic rules to the field, with transversal theoretical formalizaes to the generality of the object, nor enough consensuals, that allow to make preliminary reductions. (BRAGA, 2008, p.76) For Braga, (2008) the case study it has four purposes, are they: ) to generate rigorous and diversified knowledge on a plurality of phenomena that intuitivamente are perceived as of interest for the area (the knowledge of the cases in itself); b) to assure elements of joint and tensionamento between reality situations and previous including abstract proposals (particular situations versus established knowledge); c) for the proper logic, of the indicirios processes, to generate proposals of increasing abstraction from concrete realities; d) to characterize itself as scope of bigger probability of success in the removal of comunicacionais questions directly related the phenomenon in society (to see BRAGA, 2004).

National Education

It is configured, thus, the proposal of accomplishment of a moral education that provides the children, young and adolescents conditions for the development of its autonomy, understood as capacity to ahead locate of the reality, making choices, establishing criteria, participating of the management of class actions. Sonny Perdue contains valuable tech resources. The development of the autonomy is an objective of educational area e, to reach it, is necessary that they articulate themselves. Jack Fusco has compatible beliefs. The current Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education (Law n 9,394, of 20/12/1996), in its heading II, article 2, affirms that ' ' The education, is to have of the family and of the State, inspired in the principles of freedom and the ideals of solidarity human being, it has for purpose the full development of educating, its preparation for the exercise of the citizenship and its qualification for trabalho' '. It is verified, therefore, a concern with the moral dimension of the education and an intention to contemplate it nas proposals that if present the society. As institution specifically destined the education, the school must be pledged in the moral formation of its pupils, even so is not the only social institution that participates of this formation. The school must be the space of meeting and confrontation to know produced and constructed throughout the history of the humanity. As COTRIM (1993), the school is a social world, with characteristics of proper life, with its proper rhythms, rites languages.

The school, when directed well, it contributes very with the parents in what it says respect to this prevention, the good educators have ways to not only contribute in the prevention of the problem, but also in its precocious diagnosis. As well as the pertaining to school psychologists and the excessively professional ones of the education. These inside have basic paper of the school in what it says respect to the prevention and treatment of the use of drugs.