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Coverage: it indemnifies holders who, by force majeure (death, illness of the holder or their relatives until first grade, floods, fire in the home, forced relocation for work reasons), are being forced to cancel a trip. They give back us the money in advance and it will be the agency or company with which we have contracted the trip who becomes responsible for all expenses. If we have not contracted this insurance, and always telling at least 48 hours in advance, in addition to claim a reason of force majeure as the cause that prevents us from traveling, we would lose 25% of the money in advance and would run with the expense of issuing banknotes. Its price is around 4.5 euros in travels in Spain, 12 euros for Europe, and 18 euros by America. Extra insurance: depending on our destination (countries without a public health service, countries where there are frequent delays in flights,..), remained time, reason of the trip (business, language, sports – risk-etc), age (some targeted at senior citizens, others), young people we might extend the coverage of the insurance minimum and extend it to one extra. Coverage: extends some safe minimum coverages and contains other coverages, such as liability, or loss of luggage, that for some trips are very interesting. Its price ranges from EUR 35 to 42 euros on average. Safe travel tips: be sure before traveling what includes the minimum insurance.

For travel in Europe Social Security has an agreement with the European Union by providing healthcare to residents in Europe so you do not have to take out extra insurance coverage sanitarias.no has Qu? take out additional insurance with health coverage. For it is necessary to submit the document E-111 can be obtained at any offices of the National Institute of Social Security. If the trip is to Asia, Oceania, Central America and South America, it is recommended to take out extra insurance that offers a good health coverage and to cover possible irregularities as damage to baggage as well as problems with the hotel. Keep in mind that some companies airlines already included in susu flights a safe minimum which is included in the ticket, and visits we made to certain museums, excursions, the stay in these leads including insurance that is included in the entry. In addition if you pay with visa travel, this card is associated with insurance, depends on the Bank the coverage, some cover insurance accidents and deaths and others cover everything (theft, loss of luggage, etc.) some companies to apply for travel insurance are Winterthur, Mapfre, and Europ-assistance original author and source of the article

The First

Why? Because being human matures more quickly the first month and then with few exceptions, the kind of maturity gradually decreases in the 10-14 years. Still in its infancy, the child knows if you can manipulate their parents or not. Resources that help to have well-balanced children: 1. win respect and keep it. Respect is a two-way street. If the parents do not respect their children, children will not respect their parents. You should not belittle or embarrass their children in front of friends. Parents who earn and maintain the respect of their children during the first years will be respected during the year of adolescence.

Parents should realize that if they are not deserving of respect, nor shall their religion, their moral standards, or anything of what they believe. Children are very acute observers. 2 Always set limits a happy home must have some limits.: to maintain relations of respect and consideration between parents and children, it is necessary to establish well-defined borders. Your child needs to know what is allowed and what not are you It will allow. When a child knows its bounds not it gets in trouble.

3 Teach reasoning and obedience parents should teach their children to control their own behavior, to reason clearly, to solve problems on their own. When a child understands the consequences of his behavior, you can make better decisions when their parents are not present. 4. Talk once; then act. A good advice to parents: in time of conflict, keep your mouth shut and act. Keep the serenity and establish their right to require obedience. 5. Set a balance between love and control. The ends are rarely useful. Avoid the four following points: 1) the authoritarian father. Some parents assume that their duty is to send, dictate and control, repeatedly punished and the child lives in constant fear and floundering. (What is the result? They become rebellious, anti-social, disobedient and troublesome in school. He has deep feelings of bitterness. Its become hostile. (2) The permissive parent. In this case it is the child who has control and parents bow to their whims. As they are unable to control the child’s behavior, discipline becomes one bigger problem. (3) The father without love. There are studies showing that a child who has not had love and attention from their parents, usually develops a rebellion against the values that society wants to defend. (4) The possessive father. Some parents have good intentions but very poor standards; do not allow your children to grow and develop naturally. Under the guise of loving them and worry about them, these parents do not allow their children at reasonable risk or to do things for themselves. Original author and source of the article