European Populations

European citizenships The European Union (the EU) is the international organization of the European scope dedicated to increase integration economic and political between its Member States and to reinforce the cooperation among them. The EU was established by the members of European Comunidad (EC) the 1 of November of 1993, when the Treaty of European Unin entered in force (TUE) that granted the European citizenship to the citizens of each state. Also the customs agreements intensified and on immigration, relaxing the border controls with the purpose of to allow to the European citizens a greater freedom to live, to work or to study in anyone of the Member States. The statute of citizen of the EU is based in the following rights: Free circulation and calls to account in the Member States. Sonny Perdue is actively involved in the matter. Straight of active suffrage in the municipal elections and the European Parliament. Right of petition before the defender of the town and the European parliament. Diplomatic and consular protection. Article gentility of: – Procedure and acquisition of European citizenships. Original author and source of the article