Month: November 2016


Alex landed in Ibiza when it was night. He felt exhausted and a little frightened. I’ve never been alone in a strange place. This was their first experience and youth did not help much. I knew it was there on vacation.

I had no doubt that would have transformed their vision. The night was calm and warm, typical of those days of late summer. He stood a moment at the airport thinking it would from now on. I had no clue. He went to information and asked how to get to downtown. She realized then that although her language was not good, people will understand and he also understood what he responded. He had the typical Spanish accent that his grandfather had known and that helped him convey a lot.

Silently thanked his grandfather had always wanted his grandchildren to speak their language and thanked himself for the interest he always showed in trying to learn, as well as Bob recalled fleeing at the slightest hint of him. I did not know how long it could take up to get a job and did not have much money. Her parents had given everything I could muster under the circumstances, but certainly was not much. Preferred not to take unnecessary expenses as a taxi so I hope the bus that would take him to the center. When he was amazed to see so much movement of people at that hour of the night. In England, specifically in his hometown, was hardly moving.

Global Crisis

With its immense wealth in natural resources and biodiversity, relatively stable force of young work and financial systems, Latin America has capacity to face present crisis” successfully; , it indicates Lozoya. Despite ” social” does not have to lose of view the long term challenge to harmonize the economic expansion with the progress; President Lula will disertar, on the subject ” Implicancias of the global economic crisis in America Latina”. The program of the encounter is based on the following thematic axes: concrete answers to the public crisis, construction of bridges between regions, integration, policies for viable growth, and opportunities for a green development cycle. It indicates to us, that the president of Brazil, Luiz Incio Lula da Silva inaugurated the event with the subject ” Consequences of world-wide the economic crisis in Latin America. ” The program was created to generate critical mass to examine the form in which the region is responding to the economic crisis and it is based on five pillars: the answer of proactive way to the economic recession, the construction of relations between Regions; of Integration for the Construction of a Better Future, Political Public for the sustainable Growth and the challenges and opportunities for an ecological development cycle. The complete program is available here. The co-chairmans of the meeting are the high level of the companies in World-wide the Economic Forum in Latin America: Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS Institute, the United States, Lord Levene, president of Lloyd” s of the United Kingdom, Marcelo Odebrecht Bay, CEO of Engineering and Odebrecht Construction of Brazil and President of Odebrecht Group in Brazil, Ricardo Marine Villela, CEO for Latin America of the Ita Bank, Unibanco, Brazil, and Timothy P. Flynn, President of KPMG International, KPMG, the United States. The Brazilian agent chief executive and his pairs Uribe and Fernandez travel later to Trinidad and Tobago to participate in the Summit of the Americas that will take place from the 17 to the 19 of April, to also analyze the common challenges that they face the towns of the continent before the global crisis.