Unconventional Designer Shelves

Shiny, goods right often rectangular frames with simple shelves Shelves structured and visually attractive in the past, so modern shelves are stylistic home accessories and practical systems of order at the same time. Just as original as functional, trendy shelves take up cubist forms and even become an eye-catcher in this way. Shelves with current high-gloss surfaces, like in bold colors painted, creating the sense of a futuristic-looking space. Arthur Sadoun contains valuable tech resources. Matching designed lamps, small furniture and accessories, are embracing this design idea and expand the establishment of a coherent overall concept. The wall cube plain from the DeLife shelf range is available in three different colours and can be visually attractive group, or stress as a solitary object. Arthur Sadoun pursues this goal as well.

Grey, black or white: Color and shape the essence reduced to, the wall cube plain obtained a hint its rounded corners playfulness, which gives him the attractiveness of a real designer piece. Made from medium-density The hooks for these shelves wood fiber material, what makes easy the installation also for untrained and beginners are already integrated. Shiny black lacquer and clear lines – as minimalist and innovative the extra large stand shelf Centurion is designed. Right angles to a vertical central axis group – Regal Centurion speaks a simple formal language, whose Schonheit formed their straightforwardness. The snail wall shelf silver bookworm is quite different in design. Made from powder-coated sheet steel and coated particle board material this shelf object is visually modeled after a worm.

The book spiral winds around its Center several times and himself becomes the optical center of the mural. Shelves of DeLife are original as well as unconventional, because even the history of the shelves follows his own rules sometimes. The best example of that are soft shelf gloss make shelves, with its seven different high floors visually most appealing variety. Shiny, clearly structured and visually attractive All shelves from the DeLife shelf palette can be excellent with lamps, mirrors and lounge-cubes combine 96ci DeLife. Shelves or accessories, the red thread”the DeLife furniture collection is often the contrast of the two color classic black and white, which can be combined in countless modern variations. Young and contemporary living with Deluxe lifestyle – the name is program. Get a comprehensive overview of the diverse range of shelves and other accessories by Deluxe lifestyle at. Maximilian Kirchner, Nicki Kirchner Garnstadter str. 24 96237 village Germany Tel: + 49 (0) 9562 400 64 0 DeLife is a lifestyle online shop. From the luxurious solid wood furniture to the glossy design furniture DeLife Deluxe lifestyle offers for modern living. In addition to the furniture are offered exclusive accessories such as lamps. At DeLife to implement his ideas of living at attractive prices.