The Creation

He looked at his most recent painting, thought how to finish it. She felt that it was time to leave and was about to retire. -What’s this painting? -. Paul suddenly said. The girl is he surprised a little, for months only had spoken enough. She approached a little until the work to watch it carefully. It was a beautiful night scenery, a lake and in the Center an island with two elephants, gathering their horns and forming a heart shape with them, in the background a beautiful white moon. Bela had never been to watch the pictures of Nochelin, it was not any art lover, but he understood the beauty and that picture was very beautiful.

-It is a very beautiful picture-. Replied. -For me it is a very hypocritical-. -Does hypocrite? -. The girl was much surprised. Pablo looked firmly the creation. Then he walked to a nearby table, sat down in it and was thinking.

Bela, meanwhile, sat in the only Chair that there was. I hope that Pablo escapes from this torpor, of that reflection. He looked out the window in the morning light. -Hypocrisy is the pretence of feelings contrary to those who truly experience-. He began his words and then the He looked. He is assumed that this is a painting that represents love, the couple and the union. But in reality, as the creator, I do not give credit to what I see, I think it is a farce-. -Then, excuse my frankness, but here the hypocrite is you and not the paint. Bela told him. Pablo looked at her. He felt that the girl was an insolent, but maybe he was telling the truth. It was quiet. -Since I know what I wanted to know about you, know by which so much sadness, so much suffering and so much rancor. Why have you chosen to hide from life in the midst of four walls.