Sustainable Development

The increase I deal of it external, with growth of 417,7% of the exportations of Asia, of 1980 the 1994, raised China to the category to more have in its territory 20 of the 30 cities poludas in the world. This is positive or negative, for which parts? With certainty, is not positive under the optics of the necessary Sustainable Development of the planet. The unsustainable economic development, with liberalization of the commerce, follows in the desmedida exploration of the natural resources, in the logic of the consumerism, discarding and wastefulness, keeping inaqualities, concentration of wealth and without significant reduction of the poverty, as it is seen today. While it will be distorted and protectionistic, continuing restrictive and little competitive, without valuing efficiency and innovation, premiando the inefficiency, the foreign commerce will not contribute for increment of sustainable development e, in contrast, its more negative implications will be each time on the Environment. Under the challenging optics of the Sustainable Development, the implications of the foreign commerce are analyzed and interpreted as positive or negative in accord with the global effort to construct the ways of the support.