MST Education

Although the experiences of education of the field are, quantitatively, small in initial period of training, already observes a qualitative perfectioning in its assays, desmitificando the concept of that the present education in the agricultural space is unnecessary, for this met it the edge of the society. An advance found in the education of the field, and worked by the social movements, is that the education perception does not only enclose the school in the field, but also the practical ones found in the families and the community, as well as in the same social movements. ' ' Therefore, the pedagogia of the alternation, in thesis, articulates practical and theory in one prxis' ' (RIBEIRO, 2010, P. 292). Corroborating on this the education, and imposing the end of the school, Pistrak (2009, pp.98-99) it does not affirm in them that: In this exercise, the school (capitalist) starts to be eliminated in the direction of that it is seen as continuity of the way, which possesss other so important formadoras agencies as the school. Instead of the centralizadora position that the school exerts in the capitalist system, considered the formal space of the education, isolated of other equally educative agencies (considered informal), a net of agencies must be placed (schools, party, social organizations, social unions, production manufacter, movements etc.) constituting a formadora net.

Another conquest for the social movements, as the proper MST, was the reproduction of the proper movement, to leave inside and of the education. ' ' The MST is the great educator of the ones Without Land it makes and it inserting the people in the movement of history: a fighter of povo&#039 makes of the worker without (a) land; ' (MST, 2004, P. 23). The news formed will not leave with distrust what they impose to them, but will fight with and the intellectually not prepared favor to the movement.