Governor General

The councilmen also take care of of the urbanstico aspect defining streets and squares, establishing widths and extensions, everything on behalf of optimum paisagstico aspect for the benefit of all. so that the waters of rains do not empocem the curbs is coated with burnt adobe bricks. The Chamber did not allow that free or loafing citizens were rambling for the village. Received any denunciation against one from them he was the same summoned to appear in hearing and to declare in judgment what it made, of what lived, if had relatives in the village, if possua good or then to change itself for another clientele. The propagandist baderneiros and also were summoned to adopt moderate behavior or to take another route. The same value for the fuxiqueiros and disquieters of families, who simply were enxotados. In July of 1588 the people if congregated in the Chamber and was determined that the Village of So Paulo it needed a First church. Exactly that in May of 1589 Chamber has asked for officially to Governor General sending of vicar, bell and necessary ornaments for so dreamed First truth is that it alone would be inaugurated in 1632 and with a bell loaned for the Chamber, whose doorman was without having as to convoke the inhabitants for the hearings at least up to 1645, when the bell finally was taken in return to the headquarters of the city council.

It had in the Village of So Paulo some religious parties and some profane ones. Not to lack to people to same a Chamber it determined that all the inhabitants appeared fine of two tostes duly warned. For who it lacked to the procession of Isabel Saint the fine was saltier: two a thousand kings. in 1620 the Chamber created ' ' Body of Quadrilheiros' ' that they were the block inspectors, people in charge to watch over for the order, behavior and to protect the decency of the families.

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