I believe that it still has hope in a society where glass pieces have more value that diamonds; that it has hope for that they find that everything what shines is gold; that still it has an exit in way to the partner-economic chaos that we live; that still a well employed youth and with good wages without mattering with the social classroom is possible terms; still I believe that humiliated and rejected the one day at last they will be exaltados; still I insist on believing the equality between the human beings, to be of the same species and that it treats its next one as nothing; still I have faith that the people will not be divided by money, power, corruption, classroom social, color of the skin or political party; I will never leave to believe that still a God above all and of all exists and that intercedes for us, I believe that great things are for coming; I believe my city (SBC), I believe my state (SP) and believe my BRAZIL nation; still I believe a well next future in Brazil more just, with more chances, without preconceptions, without inaquality, dogmas, ignorant people whom they never insist on changing its thoughts, I believe yes, that everything what we make today in the mirror (Life), if refeletira in me in Tomorrow, I believe that nobody only lives of promises and that each human being is a power; I believe that inside of each being that breathes it has an inexhaustible source of wisdom and royalty. I do not go to leave to believe, never, nor that me they kill, that pull out everything who I have, nor arrest that me they jail, me they flay, me, they pull out my black skin, I do not import myself, I will not keep silent, I will cry out world to hear it, BELOW IMPUNITY, below the PRECONCEPTION, below the INTOLERNCIA, below the PROFESSIONAL DEPRECIATION OF the YOUNG, if the old one dictated to DIX ' ' the young of today is the future of amanh' ' , that tomorrow tenebrous we will have! I fear for me and for my children when to be born, the POWERFUL ones, do not believe young us, in do not give chance to them and when it has we have, we are humiliated in our work, treated as enslaved (without the trunk the chibata), we are explored, sucked until the essence of our being, hear low words, shouts, occult dictatorships that still exist in our Brazil, with tears in the eyes, are remembered that Hitler not yet died, did not need to at the time live of the dictatorship pra to feel in the skin the persecution, the calumny and the injury, we are not only died because God still has mercy of us, we are treated as the slag of the humanity, our wages are confused with crumbs and our youth if it equals the dogs that eat and have that if to have for satisfied. .