Database Work

The form contains the following strings: Name, date of birth, sex, place of birth, identity, nationality, disability, Contact Us. After filling the need to press the "PIT", it is in a hat box "Personal data nat. person ". Opens a new form, it is entered information for tax purposes. In the tab "Deductions," select the right employee for the standard deduction, and the tab "Income for previous jobs," you must specify revenues, which received saline. person for the current tax period. The amount of income taken from the certificate form number 2-PIT. All data must be saved to click on the button "Save", then close the form click "OK".

At this Work on the introduction of data into a database on a new employee is over. Now select the employee in the database "Employees of the organization" tab and fill the "Workers" on. You must specify: The date of admission to employment; Department, where settles employee; Position. Then click the tab "Charge." It refers to the line "size" the amount of salary. Line "employee" and "Type of calculation," the program automatically filled. That would accrue employee salaries are appointed by the calculation of species, their descriptions are stored in the directory "Charges organization." After the action is set in the directory 1c contains only one element of "salary for days." To add a new element needs additional configuration 1s.

Any kind of calculation involves a number of parameters – Reflection in accounting, personal income, UST, FSS; view basis.