Convenience Of Autonomous Gasification

Liquefied natural gas is nontoxic and can not dissolve in water so that it is not harmful to our ecosystem. Liquefied natural gas is listed as an approved alternative clean fuels in 1990. The Clean Air Act and National Energy Policy Act of 1992. Autonomous heating system gas supply will always keep you warm and draft-free, even on the coldest days. Stand-alone gasification up to 97% more efficient than other types of heating systems. Liquefied natural gas is up to 40% less carbon emissions and reduce nitrous oxide emissions up to 55% but does not eliminate emissions of sulfur oxides. .

Life in the twenty-first century presents new global realities. K Fortunately, as we have become accustomed, many of the achievements of life, we have also developed a sense of social and environmental responsibility. We're seeing more and more each day. People are choosing places to stay and rest in an environmentally clean areas and places of our planet. They also refer to energy in which the degree of pollution is equal to zero.

Liquefied natural gas has a high energy density, that is, its unique natural properties allow it to operate more efficiently and with less waste. This clean burning fuel, with 45% less carbon dioxide (CO2), than electricity from coal and 30% less than fuel oil. In energy efficiency by more than 90% for LPG and energy efficient power systems for electricity production less than 30% depending on the method of generation. Position EU countries that since 2007 in many regions are allowed to use only the heating system at home on the basis of condensing boilers that would reduce CO2 emissions. If all the houses in Russia who are self-contained gas heating will be installed condensing boilers, we can reduce CO2 emissions by 17.5 million tons, which is the energy savings amounting to $ 2.4 billion every year. This is enough energy to meet the needs of more than 4 million homes per year. CO2 emissions will be reduced by 2 million tons of it (22 million buses). The choice is yours.